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Our Team

ESOLjr's staff force is incredibly important to our school. Our faculty consist of qualified and dedicated teaching professionals representing a wide range of roles.
Shama Sankaran



Komeshh Vaisnavi

Shama has more than 29 years administrative experience in an international educational institution. In 2008, she established a language school catering mainly to the expatriate community.  


The success of this led to the establishment of a learning centre in 2011, which offers UK curriculum education for primary and secondary students where students write the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) at the end of Year 11. To meet demand for quality child care and child centred teaching and learning, ESOL jr was created in 2016 to complement the wholistic educational experience of ESOL Learning Centre.

Komesh Vaisnavi (Sha) holds a Degree in Law from University of London and a Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from London Teachers Training College. Her journey as an educator started while she was waiting for her final year results where she decided to teach on a part time basis. 

​She later realized that she has a strong passion for educating young minds and started exposing herself to a variety of teaching aids, courses and methods to cater to different styles of learning. In 2010, she embarked into teaching as a full time career and has not looked back since. She has worked in a few schools around Kuala Lumpur where she mostly taught expatriate students.


As the Operations Director of ESOLjr, Sha aims to provide a well rounded curiculum which focuses on a child's physical, emotional, social and academic development. 

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