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After School Program

Math  and English Enrichment

With our math program, students don't just master a foundation of mathematical concepts—they also apply them to real-world situations through a combination of hands-on classroom learning, supplemental homework, and weekly tests. We want students to know why they're learning what they're learning. No matter their level, we help them develop the confidence to think critically about problem-solving and apply their learning to everyday life. 

We offer a comprehensive English program focused on critical thinking, reading and writing skills, vocabulary, and standard English grammar. In today's globalized world, communication and analytical thinking are central to success. That's why we emphasize the application of skills rather than rote memorization. Plus, as your kid gets smarter, our material gets harder, so there's always just the right amount of challenge.

  • A strong team of well-qualified experienced tutors who are used to dealing with the needs and objectives of students from a broad range of backgrounds, cultures and English levels.

  • Students are always given a complete review of what they have accomplished on their programme as well as clear advice and guidance as to continuing their English study after leaving the school. A final report can be provided if required. 

  • Teachers employ a creative and energetic approach to ensure stimulating and enjoyable lessons where students are fully involved in their learning. 

Group Enrichment Class

Our small class sizes will help to ensure that your child will get the most out of their weekly classes. We group students at similar levels and schedule regular weekly classes so that students get to know their teacher and classmates, which makes for a fun and stimulating learning environment.

Private Enrichment

We believe every child, fundamentally, has the capacity for great things. That given the right direction and mentoring they have the capability to achieve. The one-to-one environment of private tuition means their capabilities can be nourished, developed and grown outside of the noise of the classroom, and their full potential can be realised. A good private tutor will furnish students with the confidence, knowledge and mindset to succeed; after which they will continue on from strength to strength.

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