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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Playschool jr. is a programme designed for young learners between age 3-4 years old. We believe that every child has a unique way of learning and grasping knowledge. At ESOL jr. we encourage our children to be natural learners by creating a fun, safe and play based learning environment. Play helps children to build relationships, learn to resolve conflicts, negotiate and regulate their behaviors. Playschool jr. will be a good stepping stone for our young learners to have fun, be independent, listen to instructions and expand on their skills whilst preparing them for pre-school.


Pre-school jr. is a programme designed for learners age between 4-7 years old. Preparing for school is a milestone for both, parents and children. ESOL jr. aims to  guide children to better their strengths and tackle and weaknesses by  focusing on their social, emotional and physical well being. Our preschool jr. timetable has 3 core subjects which are English, Mathematics and Science. Children are exposed to a theme based learning environment where they learn through fun and exciting hands-on activities. Preschool jr. will be a good foundation to prepare our children for local, international and home schools.


After school programme is designed to assist primary school going children (7-11 years old) with their daily homework after which students are exposed to a fun based learning environment following their daily timetable. Our timetable covers homework guidance for English, Mathematics, Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin (optional) while our daily activities include brain stimulating puzzles, games and general knowledge facts. Students are also exposed to a variety of reading materials/ books which they can borrow on a weekly basis. This is to encourage and promote the value of reading where children can learn new things and further expand their vocabulary.

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