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About Us


At ESOL jr, we believe every child has their own unique way of learning and grasping information. We allow them to explore their surroundings and to learn and grow in their most natural way possible. ESOL jr currently provides 3 core programmes which are Play school (3-4 y/o), Pre-school  (4-6 y/o) and After School Enrichment (4-11 y/o). We assess children by their level and not their age, as we strongly believe in giving every child the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace.


Our aim is to provide a well rounded  learning environment which focuses on a child's emotional, social and academic development. We celebrate every child’s uniqueness and encourage them to create, explore and learn in a fun and friendly environment.


E - Educating children academically, socially and emotionally

S - Socializing and sharing with one another

O - Observing rules and being independent

LLoving, caring and respecting one another


Upcoming Events:
Holiday Programme
1st July - 30th August 2024

ESOLjr is hosting an exciting Kids Holiday Programme during the upcoming summer school holiday period. Kids will be able to enjoy various activities such as speech & drama, science, cookery, craft, yoga and a lot more fun activities.

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